How to Cancel Bokksu Subscription

How to Cancel Bokksu Subscription

Bokksu is a well-loved subscription service offering a delightful variety of Japanese snacks. However, like with any subscription, there might come a time when you need to cancel it. Whether you’re looking to take a break or have decided it’s not the right fit, here’s your comprehensive guide on how to cancel Bokksu subscription.

Steps on how to Cancel Bokksu Subscription

Step 1: Login to Your Bokksu Account

To begin the cancellation process, access the official Bokksu website. Click on the ‘Login’ option and enter your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the Subscription Section

Once logged in, head to your account dashboard. Locate the ‘Subscription’ tab, which typically lists all the subscription details.

Step 3: Select ‘Manage Subscription’

Within the subscription details, there’s an option called ‘Manage Subscription’. Click on it to reveal various settings related to your subscription.

Step 4: Choose the ‘Cancel Subscription’ Option

Here, you’ll find an option to cancel your subscription. Please remember to read any prompts or warnings about the consequences of cancellation.

Step 5: Follow the On-screen Instructions

The system might ask you for a reason for cancellation. It’s beneficial to provide feedback, but some platforms may allow you to skip this step. Follow any remaining prompts to finalize the process.

Changing Your Bokksu Subscription

If you don’t want to completely cancel but would like to make changes to your subscription, you can do the following:

Skip a month

Log in and go to Settings > Delivery to skip an upcoming delivery.

Change frequency

Adjust how often you receive boxes, such as monthly to quarterly.

Update preferences

Customize the snacks you receive based on dietary needs or preferences.


Subscribe again whenever you like, you won’t lose your account.


Typically, subscription services do not refund for the period already paid for, but it’s always a good idea to check Bokksu’s official cancellation policy or reach out to their customer service.

Many subscription services offer the option to pause or skip a month. Refer to the ‘Manage Subscription’ section in your Bokksu account to see if this is available.

Cancellation policies vary, but it’s generally recommended to cancel at least a few days before your next billing date.

Yes, most services, including Bokksu, allow you to reactivate your subscription. However, terms and prices may change upon reactivation.

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