How to Cancel Chewy Account

How to Cancel Chewy Account

With a vast range of pet products, Chewy has become a favourite among pet owners. However, there may be instances when you’d want to cancel your Chewy account. If that’s on your agenda, you’ve come to the right place.

Understanding Chewy’s Account System

Before proceeding with the cancellation steps, it’s vital to understand the nature of your Chewy account. Essentially, it serves as your portal to shop, review orders, and manage auto-shipments.

Steps to Cancel Chewy Account

Step 1: Login to Your Chewy Account

Start by visiting the Chewy official website and logging into your account.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘Account Settings’

Once logged in, head over to the ‘My Account’ section, followed by ‘Account Settings’.

Step 3: Seek the Customer Service Option

There’s no direct option on the website to close your account. Therefore, you’ll need to connect with Chewy’s customer service for this purpose.

Step 4: Connect with Customer Service

You can either use the live chat feature on their website or send them an email explaining your desire to cancel the account. Their dedicated team is prompt and will guide you through the process.

Step 5: Follow their Instructions

The customer service team may ask for some verification details. Once they confirm your identity, they will proceed with the account closure.

FAQs of how to Cancel Chewy Account

No. Once your Chewy account is cancelled, all associated preferences, including email subscriptions, should stop.

Pending orders are typically processed as usual even if you cancel your account. If you wish to stop them, contact customer service immediately.

For reactivation queries or creating a new account, it’s best to reach out to Chewy’s customer service for assistance.

Yes, cancelling your account will halt any scheduled auto-shipments. Still, it’s advisable to double-check with customer service.

No, Chewy doesn’t impose any fees for account cancellation.

Typically, the process is immediate, but allow a few days for all systems to reflect the change.

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