How to Cancel Order on Kickscrew

How to Cancel Order on Kickscrew

Online shopping is a boon, but sometimes, we change our minds post-purchase. If you’ve recently placed an order on Kickscrew and wish to cancel it. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to cancel order on Kickscrew.

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How to Cancel Order on Kickscrew: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Log into Your Kickscrew Account

Start by accessing your Kickscrew account. If you don’t have one, you’d have used an email to place an order. Use that for the process.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘My Orders’

Once logged in, find and click on the ‘My Orders’ section. This should display all your recent and past orders.

Step 3: Identify the Order to Cancel

Locate the order you wish to cancel. Remember, time is crucial; the sooner you cancel, the better.

Step 4: Click on ‘Cancel Order’ Option

On identifying the order, there should be an option to modify or cancel. Click on ‘Cancel Order’.

Step 5: Provide a Reason for Cancellation

Platforms usually ask for a reason for cancellation. It helps them improve their services. Select a suitable reason or provide one.

Step 6: Confirm Your Cancellation

A final confirmation might be required. Ensure you confirm the cancellation to complete the process.

Step 7: Receive a Cancellation Confirmation

Once cancelled, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Kickscrew. Keep this for your records.

Step 8: Refund Process

Depending on your payment method, the refund process may vary. Check Kickscrew’s official refund policy for detailed information.

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FAQs on Cancelling Orders on Kickscrew

While Kickscrew typically doesn’t charge a cancellation fee, always refer to their official policy to be sure.

Refunds usually process within 5-10 business days. However, bank processing times might vary.

Once an order is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. You might need to place a new order.

Once an order is shipped, cancellation becomes tricky. However, you might be able to return the product upon receipt.

Yes, you can always contact Kickscrew’s official customer service for assistance on cancellations.

If you don’t receive a confirmation within a few hours, contact Kickscrew’s support.

Order modifications depend on the processing status. Reach out to Kickscrew’s support for precise assistance.

Their cancellation policy can be found on the official Kickscrew website.

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