How to Cancel Rue21 Credit Card

How to Cancel Rue21 Credit Card

Rue21, a popular fashion retailer, offers its credit card to frequent shoppers, providing perks and deals. However, there may come a time when you decide to cancel it. This article will walk you through the steps and considerations involved in the cancellation process.

Step-by-step guide on How to Cancel Rue21 Credit Card

Step 1: Understanding Why You’re Cancelling

Before proceeding, take a moment to understand your reasons. Whether it’s about simplifying your financial life, avoiding annual fees, or other personal reasons, being clear on your motivation can help ensure you’re making the right decision.

Step 2: Check Any Outstanding Balance

Before you cancel, ensure you have paid off any balance on the card. Carrying a balance might complicate the cancellation process.

Step 3: Contact Rue21 Customer Service

To cancel the Rue21 credit card, it’s best to directly contact their customer service department. They can provide you with specific instructions and address any concerns. Typically, calling is more effective than emailing.

Step 4: Follow Up in Writing

After your call, send a cancellation request letter to the card issuer. This creates a paper trail and ensures you’ve documented the request.

Step 5: Check Your Credit Report

After you’ve cancelled your card, it’s a good practice to check your credit report to confirm the account shows as closed.

Step 6: Consider Any Alternative Options

If you’re cancelling due to fees or high-interest rates, consider contacting Rue21 to inquire about possible alternatives. They might have other card options or solutions for loyal customers.


Yes, cancelling a credit card can impact your credit score, especially if it’s a card you’ve had for a long time. It can affect your credit utilization ratio and credit history length.

Typically, it can take 30 to 60 days for the account to show as closed on your credit report.

Typically, once a card is cancelled, you’d need to reapply if you want it again. However, approval isn’t guaranteed.

Most cards don’t have fees for cancellation. However, always ask the customer service representative to clarify any potential charges.

If you have reward points on your Rue21 credit card, you might lose them upon cancellation. It’s advisable to redeem them before proceeding.

The best way to cancel is by contacting customer service directly. They might have online options, but it’s always safer and more conclusive to speak with a representative.

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