How to Fall Damage Cancel in BOTW

How to Fall Damage Cancel in BOTW

Breath of the Wild (BOTW) offers players a unique, open-world experience unlike any other in the Zelda series. Among the numerous mechanics and techniques to master, “fall damage cancel” stands out for those looking to navigate the vast landscape of Hyrule seamlessly. This guide delves deep into how to execute the fall damage cancel in BOTW perfectly.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fall Damage Cancel in BOTW

Step 1: The Setup

Start by choosing the location you want to jump from. Ensure that you’re familiar with the controls, as timing is essential.

Step 2: Jump Off

Simply walk or run off the edge. No need to jump manually.

Step 3: Deploy the Paraglider

As Link falls, quickly deploy the paraglider. This slows down your descent.

Step 4: Cancel the Paraglider

A moment before hitting the ground, deactivate the paraglider. This step requires precise timing.

Step 5: Weapon Swap

Immediately after cancelling the paraglider, and just before hitting the ground, switch your weapon using the quick inventory. This action will reset Link’s stance, tricking the game into thinking you didn’t fall from a great height, hence cancelling the fall damage.

How to Fall Damage Cancel in BOTW

Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Fall Damage Cancel

  • Timing is Key: The window for deploying and then cancelling the paraglider is very tight. It might require several attempts before you get the hang of it.
  • Practice on Lower Heights: Before attempting the trick from taller structures, start with shorter heights to get a feel for the timing.

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While some might consider it a glitch, it’s more of a creative use of game mechanics. Many players embrace it as part of their BOTW strategy.

The technique can be used anywhere you can deploy the paraglider. However, some in-game areas or challenges might restrict the use of the paraglider.

Yes, the mechanics remain the same in both standard and Master Mode.

As of our last update, there haven’t been reports of the game crashing due to this method. Always ensure your game is updated to the latest version.

The learning curve varies among players. With consistent practice, most players grasp the technique within a few hours.

This specific technique is unique to BOTW due to the paraglider mechanic.

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